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S-Band Waveforms

Developing a satellite system for S-Band? GateHouse Telecom is an ideal partner for all phases of a waveform development project from requirements specifications, through design, implementation and test.

Ensure An Efficient Terminal Development Process

Experienced provider
Having provided products and services to the satcom market for several years on a global scale, significant know-how has been obtained not only in developing waveforms but generally providing software which is well-documented, structured, easily maintainable and extendable.

We are experienced in handling innovative and advanced projects where we are required to go beyond standard solutions and hereby develop the solutions of the future.

Why S-Band?
There can be many reasons to develop for S-band, for example the greater availability of bandwidth. However, a higher frequency also entails a higher susceptibility to signal degradation, which needs to be addressed when developing for S-band. The choice of band therefore depends on the intended use.

The characteristics of S-band has made it a prevalent choice for Small Sat and Cube Sat development. The market and use for small satellites has grown explosively over the last few years.

S-band has many similarities to the L-band and much of our extensive experience and system knowledge, from working with BGAN and the L-band, is therefore in many ways directly transferable.

Waveform Development Partner or Supplier
You may be deciding between having to contract with several terminal developers, with each their own vertical of the market that you wish to cover (maritime, aviation and land, including for example government, M2M etc.), or to involve a waveform developer to deliver the entire waveform based on your specifications. Both ways have their pros and cons.

By having a complete waveform delivered, by for example GateHouse Telecom, to the individual terminal manufacturers, you can ensure standardization, maturity and shorter time to delivery. This way you will easier be able to include more terminal developers down the line due to the proprietary elements of the terminal being kept to a minimum.

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- Thomas S. Jensen, Director

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