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BRM Integration

The BGAN Radio Module (BRM) provided by Inmarsat contains all core BGAN modem functionality required to build a BGAN User Terminal or integrate a BGAN capability into an existing product, hereby reducing the total development efforts significantly.

Since the beginning of our Satellite Communications business in 1999, and in parallel with the development of embedded software components, GateHouse has been involved in the integration, test and approval of BGAN User Terminals. The customers to our software licenses have – without any exceptions – all contracted with GateHouse to integrate our software components with other customer or third party software components as well as the hardware platform, and subsequently assisting in the process of testing and maturing the fully integrated terminal until achieving an Inmarsat Final Type Approval.

We have participated in 10+ BGAN Terminal development programs where the terminal was the first BGAN terminal for the customer, as well as numerous programs to provide additional BGAN terminals for the customer. Due to our many years of experience, we have gained significant insight into the process of getting BGAN terminals integrated and approved for sale

Areas of expertise

  • Program planning
  • Integration and test planning
  • Training in the BGAN system and test tools
  • Development of customer specific software
  • Integration test
  • Optimization
  • Type approval tests


Due to our long engagement in the satellite communications business and the large number of BGAN terminal development programs we have participated in, all leading to Inmarsat granting Final Type Approval, we have established efficient communication channels with Inmarsat. We are therefore able to take a leading role in the Inmarsat type approval process, with the purpose of minimizing involved efforts for our customers and reducing lead times.

By basing the design on the BRM, the remaining tasks revolves around the development of peripheral modules. This includes the Front End Module (FEM) with RF components, the antenna (active or passive), integrating the resulting system and verifying that the complete system is able to comply with the Inmarsat requirements. The goal of the process is to ultimately obtain an Inmarsat Final Type Approval.

GateHouse offers to assist in solving the above challenges and provide services to Value Added Manufacturers (VAM) developing a BGAN User Terminal or integrating a BGAN capability into an existing product, based on the Inmarsat BRM.

How can we help you?

Whether you need assistance every step of the way towards the type approval, or just in phases of a project, we can help you.

Contact us for more information or to set up a meeting, where we can discuss how we can best assist or lead your development project.