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BGAN Software Defined Radio

The GateHouse BGAN waveform for SDR is a complete waveform for the Inmarsat BGAN satellite system. The waveform is based on the existing GateHouse BGAN Protocol Stack, already incorporated in a large number of BGAN terminals from several suppliers.

Complete waveforms with full modem design

Waveform development partner
GateHouse is an ideal partner for all phases of a waveform development project from requirements specifications through design, implementation and test.

Experienced provider
Having provided products and services to equipment manufacturers for several years on a global scale, significant knowhow has been obtained not only in developing waveforms but also providing software which is well-documented, structured and easily maintainable and extendable.

Land, maritime and aeronautical
The waveform forms together with a hardware platform a complete radio for land, maritime or aeronautical use. The waveform is designed for military as well as civilian use and it is type approved by Inmarsat.


How it works
The BGAN SDR waveform runs as the sole waveform on a radio or as one of several waveforms on a multimode radio, and it integrates with any military-grade SDR capable of transmitting and receiving in the BGAN L-band frequency range (1.5 to 1.6 GHz).This means that units can now be deployed with a single multifunctional radio that can be BGAN-enabled almost as easily as changing a channel.

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BGAN Waveform for SDR

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