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BGAN Application Framework

The GateHouse BGAN Application Framework is an extension of the GateHouse BGAN Protocol Stack, and it is an off-the-shelf product of high-quality and extremely reliable software. It forms the foundation of the BGAN terminal application layer and can be used by BGAN terminal manufacturers to build an application layer that is tailored to their specific requirements. In this way, the BGAN Application Framework minimizes the risk, the cost and the time of delivery.

From fast and reliable prototypes to stable and reliable products

BGAN terminals are required to be compliant to the
Inmarsat Common MMI and Mandatory Test Requirements (MTR). The MTR’s are executed using an Inmarsat BGAN Protocol Tester (BPT), BGAN Physical Layer Tester (BPLT) and about one thousand test scripts. Consequently, a major effort is required from the terminal manufacturers in developing the application layer software of a BGAN user terminal, and the risks involved are considerable.

GateHouse now offers its customers the BGAN Application Framework (BAF). This is an extension of the GateHouse BGAN Protocol Stack (BPS). The BAF is highquality and extremely reliable software available as an off-the-shelf product. However, it can easily be extended according to customer requirements, minimizing the risk, cost and time of delivery.

Example of use
The following is a simple example of how to use the BAF, BPS and physical layer to communicate over satellite:

1. Connect the user terminal to a PC at COM1.
2. Point the antenna at the satellite.
3. Create a network connection (standard dial-up connection from Windows XP) – using *99# for the phone number. When the connection has been established, IP access is available and ready for surfing the web, reading e-mail, etc.


The key components of the BGAN Application Framework are:

  • Standard AT Handler also supporting BGAN specific commands
  • Handlers for Network Access Control, Packet Switched and Circuit Switched calls, including SMS

The AT handler also supports the Inmarsat BGAN terminal application: LaunchPad.

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BGAN Application Framework

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