Decrease costs and time-to-market by employing one or more of the off-the-shelf waveform products and services developed by GateHouse.

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For more than a decade, we have provided the satellite communications industry with a range of market-leading software products and development services for commercial, government and military markets.

From complete waveforms, to protocol stacks, frameworks and waveform components – we offer a wide range of products to match your requirements in the terminal development process.



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BGAN Software Defined Radio

A complete waveform for the Inmarsat BGAN satellite system. BGAN SDR Waveform ›

BGAN Protocol Stack

The Protocol Stack is a key component of any BGAN user terminal. BGAN Protocol Stack ›

BGAN Application Framework

An extension of the GateHouse BGAN Protocol Stack, facilitating several aspects of creating a terminal.
BGAN Application Framework ›

SB-SAT Protocol Stack

The GateHouse SB-SAT protocol stack is software for use in SB-SAT terminals.
SB-SAT Protocol Stack ›

LEO Satellite Waveforms

Do you need to develop new waveform for LEO satellites faster, at much less cost and with less risk?
LEO Satellite Waveforms ›


DAMA Tactical Radio Protocol

The DAMA Radio Protocol Stack is an easy way to get a data and voice tactical radio system developed.
DAMA Tactical Radio Protocol ›

Smartphone SDR Project

A smartphone-based waveform provides benefits such as reduced costs and increased portability.
Smartphone SDR Project ›

S-Band Waveforms

The characteristics of S-band has made it a prevalent choice for Small Sat and Cube Sat development.
S-Band Waveforms ›


Focus on developing your Access stratum and rely on a proven NAS from GateHouse.

RFC 2507 IP Header Compression

IP connection often introduces a high overhead that consumes the bandwidth of the connection.
RFC 2507 IP Header Compression ›

BRM Integration

We can help you in phases of a BGAN UT project every step of the way towards type approval.
BRM Integration ›


ghSatConnect is a software platform for managing several different waveforms on one hardware platform.
ghSatConnect ›


We have built up extensive experience in dealing with tenders covering all the stages in acquisition processes.
Consultancy ›

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