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With GateHouse UMTS Non-access stratum you will be well underway building your own mobile device protocol stack. Focus on developing your Access stratum and rely on a proven NAS from GateHouse.

The GateHouse UMTS Non-access stratum (NAS) is an implementation of the UMTS mobility management (MM), call control management (CC), and session management (SM) in C++ and ported to a wide range of embedded platforms (vxWorks, INTEGRITY RTOS, Nucleus RTOS, QNX and others).


  • Mobility Management (MM)
  • GPRS Mobility Management (GMM)
  • Session Management (SM)
  • GPRS Short Message Service (SMS)


  • Call Control (CC)
  • Supplementary Service (SS)
  • Location Service (LS)
  • Radio Access Bearer Management (RABM)

The 3GPP/ETSI (ETSI TS 124 008) conformant implementation has been approved for and deployed in more than 80.000 satellite communication terminals for the Inmarsat BGAN network in all segments; both land, maritime, and aeronautical. The implementation has been extensively conformance tested against 3G conformance tests on multiple platforms. With the first terminals being launched in 2004, it now has over a decade of continued field proven use as well as continued maintenance and upgrades.

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For further information about the GateHouse UMTS Non-Access Stratum Protocol Stack, please contact me on +45 9932 4086 - Thomas S. Jensen, Director