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BGAN TCM Controller

GateHouse offers a tool, the TCM Controller, to automate the BGAN MTR test process. By using the TCM Controller, you will be able to set up your test scenarios of interest and following the test a presentation of the test results is prepared.

Automate your test processes to test faster and more effectively

Reducing the manual effort required to conduct test of BGAN terminals the TCM Controller automates the MTR test process.

When testing a BGAN terminal, a suite of TTCN tests is usually executed in the Test Case Manager (TCM).

GateHouse has added another level of automation to this tool by implementing a TCM Controller application. Using this tool, it becomes possible to set up a more automatic execution of  tests sequences, and thereby enabling you to run test cases over and over with minimal effort.

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BGAN TCM Controller


  • Automatically collecting test results and storing these in an SQL database
  • Presentation of test results with different filters, by using the application itself, exporting them to a spreadsheet, or using a web based presentation tool
  • Configure different BGAN terminal parameters and restart test execution
  • Decrease total test time required for a terminal by using synchronized parallel test setups
  • Automatically collecting log file information for later inspection
  • Allowing tests to be run repeatedly, to generate statistics or analyse rarely occurring failures

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