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Satellite Link and Network Emulators

Link and network emulation for satellite communications terminals and solutions enable you to be in complete control of your test and demo situation. Whether you want to test best- or worst-case scenarios is up to you and so is your location – no airtime or line-of-sight is required.

Test and demo terminals and applications in any scenario

Testing or demonstrating on-air entails a great deal of preparation. Setting up and connecting a satellite terminal is fairly easy, but not trivial, and users have to be aware of satellite pointing, service costs, and external factors that may affect them such as weather fade or network congestion.

Emulating the satellite link eliminates the need to use expensive air-time, setting up test beds and travelling, and it also eliminates the complications caused by the large number of uncontrolled parameters including weather fade and congestion conditions. However, the main purpose for off-air testing is not to eliminate the factors of weather fade, congestion etc., but to gain complete control over the conditions for a test or demo. A typical example of this being beneficial is when a solution is demonstrated to a customer to prove functionality and stability – you can then stress test your solution to show how it handles errors or challenges such as latency, jitters, and much more.

A controlled and reproducible test environment furthermore makes it easier to identify the source of a problem as you can perform the same test repeatedly under the exact same conditions. Off-air test of a terminal or solution in a lab is an efficient way to obtain more robust products.

With a world that is constantly in search of ways to secure and guarantee connectivity and up-time off-air testing seems to have an integral part to play.

Any satellite network
At GateHouse Telecom we have a deep knowledge and understanding of satellite network and link emulation which is applicable to any MSS or FSS.

Talk to us about your test requirements
Our expertise and experience within satellite link and network emulation makes us the ideal partner for improvement of your satellite terminal and solution test and demo efforts.


  • Demo your solutions anywhere
  • No airtime
  • No line-of-sight needed - indoor use
  • Controlled test of any scenario
  • Efficient regression testing

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- Thomas S. Jensen, Director