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GAN Network Emulator

Test your GAN Terminal without satellite access by emulation of the GAN Network. The GAN Network Emulator provides you with complete control of your testing in an environment with specific satellite communication characteristics.

Comprehensive testing of a terminal in the lab is essential to obtain more robust, and better performing products. This in turn makes it easier to identify the source of a problem and to avoid the problems caused by the large number of uncontrolled parameters pertaining to on-air testing, such as allocated bandwidth, weather fade, blockage or bit errors.

GAN terminals are installed into a wide range of aircrafts, ships, vehicles, etc. The effort to validate the installed equipment will often require a full-scale trial against the real GAN satellite system. This can be expensive for longer trials, but more important is that it can be very difficult to create the exact setup required, due to unforeseen influence from other attached terminals, the Internet in general and the satellite link. The GAN Network Emulator (GANE) is an off-the-shelf product which can easily be extended with customer requirements. GANE is a functional implementation of the GAN Connection Layer for the Satellite Access Node (SAN) and emulates sufficient parts of the GAN Service Layer and Host Management Elements to allow GAN terminals to connect to the GAN network and activate Packet Switched (PS) services. GANE emulates the real GAN network on the bench enabling essential and advanced testing of your GAN terminal:


  • Emulation of connectivity, giving the user the feeling of live usage of the terminal.
  • Testing usage of normal internet, where applications such as E-mail, FTP and Web Browsing can be tested over the emulated satellite link.
  • Testing different effective Quality of Service (QoS) for PS services.
  • Testing of user plane operation and user experience e.g. Hand Over between spot beams due to mobility and simulation of different Link Quality Conditions.
  • Stress testing the terminal with extensive amount of data for a long period, including measurement of the maximum data rate.
  • Simulation of a flight path, with possibility to test hand over scenarios, inclusive satellite handover where satellite access can be missing in a period.
  • Simulate satellite load with direct feeling on the impact on your applications, with easy to use 0-100% load scale.

GANE is intended to be used in a test bench setup integrated with an IPLT/MPLT performing the physical layer operation. GANE is delivered as software, ready to use on a standard modern PC (2GHz, 1GB RAM) while handling up to 16 active PS user data plane connections. SIM authentication and scrambling of signalling and data connection is supported to allow GANE to be used with a GAN terminal having a real SIM card inserted. GANE provides a configuration file interface to be used for setting up channels. Furthermore, a control interface is provided to allow GANE to be controlled remotely. At run-time GANE logs events to a file. For debugging, the network traffic between the GANE and the IPLT/MPLT the log file gives a detailed view of signalling and data. This can be captured using Ethereal and decoded using Inmarsat GAN decoder for Etheral.

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