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BGAN Network Emulator

The most comprehensive test tool for both manual and automated terminal testing – no airtime or line-of-sight required! Applicable to all segments: land, maritime and aviation.

End-to-end test of your terminal - on the bench!

The BGAN Network Emulator brings the BGAN satellite network into a test bench, allowing you to simulate a satellite connection for a BGAN, FBB or SBB terminal. It is an off-the-shelf product, which has proven its worth throughout the course of development of several terminals active in the market today (UTs).

Comprehensive testing of a terminal in the lab is essential to obtain more robust, and better performing products. This in turn makes it easier to identify the source of a problem and to avoid the problems caused by the large number of uncontrolled parameters pertaining to on-air testing, such as allocated bandwidth, weatherfade, blockage or bit errors.

Network emulation with the BGAN Network emulator allows for configuration of the network environment and thereby customized testing of your specific set-up. This makes it an ideal tool when profile-based testing is not enough.

  • Testing of end-to-end exchange of user data such as E-mail, FTP, and web browsing
  • Load and stress testing of the terminal
  • Testing different effective Quality of Service (QoS) for PS services
  • Testing of user plane operation and user experience, e.g. handover between beams due to mobility and simulation of different Link Quality Conditions and Spot Beam Configurations
  • Controlled and reproducible test environment



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Case: Honeywell - Optimization with the BNE

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“We have worked with GateHouse for more than 10 years, and have always found their work to be world class. GateHouse has a remarkable technical knowledge and understanding of even the most complex issues within satellite communications software.” Will Penfold, Honeywell

Is the BGAN Network Emulator too comprehensive for your intended use?

Perhaps the BGAN Application Tester is better suited to your needs?

GateHouse offers two BGAN network emulators that both provides end-2-end test opportunity in a closed loop environment. The two tools differ in terms of functionality and user-friendliness in other words, your choice of tool depends on your specific test requirements and your insight into the BGAN network.

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