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BGAN Application Tester

The BGAN Application Tester (BAT) provides you with complete control of your testing in an environment with specific BGAN network characteristics. Test and demo terminals and solutions efficiently and thoroughly end-to-end on the bench!

The essential tool to ensure robust and high-quality BGAN, FBB and SBB terminals and solutions – without the use of airtime!

Continuous and thorough testing is essential in terminal and solution development efforts and not least critical to the product quality delivered to end-users. The BAT (BGAN Application Tester) optimizes, strengthens and eases the test process by offering on-the-bench emulation of the satellite link, the radio access network and the core network, right down to the RF link.

But why do I need this alternative to the traditional testing on the live network? The use of our sandbox network environment offers many benefits. Some of the greatest benefits are listed below.


  • Test and demo performance during a variety of network events
  • Test mobility on the bench
  • Reproduce test conditions, improve and document your testing
  • Improve stability and optimize for minimum airtime usage
  • Reduce cost and time of test effort – no airtime or line of sight required
  • Intuitive usage via the graphical user interface – no special training required

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Watch a demo of the BGAN Application Tester

BAT for Government

Have you verified that your communication equipment work anywhere, at any time, in any network situation before utilization in the field?


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BAT for Cyber Hardening

Can your BGAN communication potentially be intercepted, manipulated, blocked or even remotely controlled by malicious actors?


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BAT for Value Added Manufacturers

How do you achieve the best possible terminal quality and short time to market? The BAT provides you with the unique opportunity to get ‘the best of two worlds’ – short time to market without sacrificing quality!


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Do you require more comprehensive testing than the BGAN Application Tester can offer?

Perhaps the BGAN Network Emulator is better suited to your needs?

GateHouse offers two BGAN network emulators that both provides end-to-end test opportunity in a closed loop environment. The two tools differ in terms of functionality and user-friendliness, in other words, your choice of tool depends on your specific test requirements and your insight into the BGAN network.

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“GateHouse has delivered a very stable and high quality Protocol Stack to us, which have been implemented into our Fleet Broad Band terminals. We use their test tools with great success in regard to maintaining our existing products and in development of new products. In particular, the BGAN Application Tester have been essential for our high level end-to-end tests and simple terminal tests. From our perspective, the functionality of their protocol stack and test tools is unparalleled in the business.” Chief System Engineer, Electronics company whose main products are marine electronics

Integration services to Value Added Manufacturers

Whether you need assistance every step of the way towards the type approval, or just in phases of a project, we can help you.

Do you have any questions?

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- Thomas S. Jensen, Director

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