Link & Network Emulators

GateHouse is a one-stop shop for off-air test tools for any satellite communications terminal or solution. By emulating a satcom network or link, our tools enable efficient testing, optimization and demonstration of terminals and solutions on the bench. Decrease costs and time-to-market by employing one or more of the satcom test and demo tools.

Test and demo off-air

Link and network emulation enables you to be in complete control of your test and demo situation
– no airtime or line-of-sight needed.


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BGAN Application Tester

A user-friendly tool for scenario testing of BGAN, FBB, and SBB terminals and solutions.
BGAN Application Tester ›

BGAN Network Emulator

A fully configurable and comprehensive tool, which enables customized terminal testing.
BGAN Network Emulator ›

Global Xpress Link Emulator

Demonstrate and test your Global Xpress
solutions off-air. GX Link Emulator ›

GAN Network Emulator

Test your GAN Terminal without satellite access by emulating the GAN Network. GAN Network Emulator ›

BGAN TCM Controller

The BGAN TCM Controller enables you to automate the BGAN MTR test process. TCM Controller ›

Autotest Framework

The quality of a product is directly linked to the thoroughness of the testing. Autotest Framework ›