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We provide the satellite communications industry with market leading software solutions.

Our expertise. Your gain.

For two decades, GateHouse Telecom has provided innovative software solutions for the global satcom industry. We support customers in different sectors and develop solutions for commercial companies, government agencies and militaries.

Our team has deep knowledge and understanding of global communication infrastructures and platforms. We recognize the challenges the global satcom industry faces today, and our goal is to provide the best conditions for our customers, so they can develop leading products and solutions for their markets.

GateHouse Telecom also offers consultancy services for software, hardware and system integration as well as for the preparation and evaluation of international tenders. We are are a wholly owned subsidiary of the GateHouse Holding Group, which is also comprised of Gatehouse Maritime.


“We have worked with GateHouse for more than 10 years, and have always found their work to be world class.” Will Penfold, Honeywell

About our products and service


Test Tools

GateHouse Telecom develops off air test tools for any satellite communication terminal and solution. Our test tools constitute the preferred testing solutions for a range of leading companies in the satcom industry, such as Inmarsat, Honeywell, JRC and Cobham

By emulating satcom networks and links, our test tools set developers in complete control of the test and demo situation. In this way, our off air test tools provide efficient testing conditions, which decrease air time costs and time to market, as well as ensure end-products of high quality

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GateHouse Telecom is the preferred waveform development partner for a number of companies and organisations. We provide a range of software products and development services – from complete waveforms to protocol stacks, frameworks and waveform components. Our decades of experience within the satellite communications industry enable us to work with any network supplier.

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Connectivity and communication is at the core of our business, and the solutions we provide are based on decades of experience with advanced communication systems.

Among other services, we provide data solutions for customers in the maritime industry. Our service collects data from connected equipment onboard ships and optimizes the communication between systems at sea and on shore.

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Top Quality
GateHouse has a continuous focus on delivering high quality software – a focus which has become the company’s hallmark.

One of the many ways we ensure quality is by conforming to the International Standard DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 concerning quality management systems. Our latest certificate can be seen here.

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