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Satellite Narrowband IoT Solution

Do you want to provide a satellite IoT service for LEO satellites  and looking for a solution with low risk, cost and fast time to market compared to developing a waveform from scratch?

Coverage and connectivity
The market for LEO satellites is experiencing a massive growth in these years. Improved connectivity is a key factor in this growth, as it has enabled much wider range of applications than what was originally possible.

To ensure the necessary connectivity the satellites in a LEO based communication system needs to communicate with and route data between multiple user terminals, possibly other satellites, and a ground station, most likely using three different transmission technologies.

Key points in a satellite IoT waveform:

  • Maintaining communication links with user terminals within its footprint.
  • Maintaining relay links to other satellites.
  • Maintain link to ground station/gateway, when within coverage.

The IP connectivity from LEO spacecrafts today provides low-cost access to real-time command, control and telemetry with bandwidth in the 0.5-2 Mbps range. Coverage is practically global at lower orbits while remaining fairly close to global at higher orbits. This provides satellite operators access to their satellites from anywhere.

Waveform development partner
When developing a LEO satellite there are many variables and components in play. As a developer, you may either need or want to implement already proven components rather than develop from scratch.

GateHouse Telecom is an ideal partner for any phase of a waveform development project from requirements specifications through design, implementation and test.

Experienced provider
Having provided products and services to equipment manufacturers for several years on a global scale, significant know-how has been obtained not only in developing waveforms but also providing software which is well-documented, structured and easily maintainable and extendable.

We are experienced in handling innovative and advanced projects where we are required to go beyond standard solutions and hereby develop the solutions of the future.

Have any questions?

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- Thomas S. Jensen, Director