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Maritime Connectivity

Maritime Connectivity is an independent data service for the maritime industry. The service collects data from all connected equipment on a ship, organizes and distributes the data to the approved recipients on shore.

Maritime Connectivity

Maritime Connectivity is a data service that puts a consolidated data stream at your disposal onshore. The data stream includes data from any equipment on board a ship. This creates transparency when it comes to the condition of equipment on the ships and it enables a broad range of efficiency gains – the realisation of condition based maintenance among others.

The data stream is transferred by intelligent use of satellite, GSM and Wi-Fi networks per customer requirements.

Inclusion of AIS data, makes it possible to optimize equipment by having the ships position associated with the equipment performance data at all times. It also includes ships’ ETAs to the next port, making it possible to plan a service check in case equipment needs immediate service.

With this future-proof service, ships are prepared to meet the authorities’ regulatory requirements and their future demands for SOx, Water Ballast Management, etc.

  • Advanced data distribution management
  • Data security and ownership guaranteed ‘
  • Intelligent use of connectivity minimizes data transfer cost
  • Real-time notifications by SMS/e-mail
  • Integration into any enterprise system using a REST API
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Service Brief

In Gatehouse Group, we have many years of experience with tracking and surveillance of ships as well as collecting and transmitting thousands of data in a highly-secured manner in the logistics industry. Combined with our almost two decades of expertise in satellite communications, we are in a unique position to enable the connectivity that is in demand today in the maritime industry.

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