Connectivity and communication between systems is a key ingredient in most of the systems that we develop. Communication is therefor our core business and the solutions we work with are based on decades of experience with advanced communications systems.

Today, the demand for connectivity wherever and whenever, is omnipresent. The demand is driven by both end-consumers as well as businesses. Big Data and IoT are concepts that are dependently intertwined with connectivity. All the data or connected things in the world are rendered useless without their ‘source of life’- connectivity. IoT has in many ways fuelled the Big Data ‘fire’, as more and more things are simply connected and generating data. This has challenged the way we distribute data, as the unprecedented amounts of data easily floods the traditional communication channels. There are many ways to handle this challenge, but some of your options are streamlining and prioritizing data or optimizing communication channels capacity. The choice of data access is particularly relevant when considering the cost of operation. Connectivity established via satellite, GSM, Wi-Fi or by other means are far from equals in term of cost and so a well-disposed choice or combination of access can be the deciding factor between similar communications solutions.


Maritime Connectivity

A data service that puts a consolidated data stream at your disposal onshore.
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