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BGAN Radio Module Integration

The BGAN Radio Module (BRM) provided by Inmarsat contains all core BGAN modem functionality required to build a BGAN User Terminal or integrate a BGAN capability into an existing product, hereby reducing the total development efforts significantly.

You have the idea - We have the experience

Developing with Inmarsat BRM
Are you developing a BGAN User Terminal or integrating BGAN capability into an existing product, based on Inmarsat BRM? As application or terminal developer new to satellite communications or working with Inmarsat to obtain approval there are a lot of uncertainties and risks you need to overcome. We have the expertise to lead you through the process taking role of liaising between you and Inmarsat:

At GateHouse Telecom we have participated in 10+ BGAN Terminal development programs where the terminal was the first BGAN terminal for the customer, as well as numerous programs to provide additional BGAN terminals for the customer. Due to our many years of experience, we have gained significant insight into the process of getting BGAN terminals integrated and approved as well as established efficient communication channels with Inmarsat.

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The Process & What We Can Offer

In this phase you evaluate and mature your application idea to a coherent description. You investigate uncertainties and prepare for the dialogue with Inmarsat. We can assist with documents required in the process, e.g.:

  • Product Requirement Specification
  • Business Case
  • Statement of Work
  • Developer Contract

In the second phase you have obtained Business Case approval from Inmarsat and can proceed to develop the terminal or application. We can contribute with:

In the last phase you perform finalizing tests and go through Inmarsat Type Approval. We can provide you with:

We can also assist with:

  • Type Approval Testing
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Supply Agreement

The Process
Below we have outlined a typical project flow to develop a satellite enabled application based on Inmarsat BGAN.

BGAN Reference Platform
In BGAN development projects, the use of a type approved BGAN Reference Platform with complete BGAN terminal software package integrated onto Software Defined Radio platform can significantly reduce the time consumption of the project. The BGAN Reference platform comes with a comprehensive set up of development and debugging tools and can be used as a reference implementation in the development, test and approval phases of a BRM terminal development project.


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- Thomas S. Jensen, Director