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BGAN Protocol Stack

Using the GateHouse BGAN Protocol Stack enables you to  rapidly deliver a high quality product to market. The BGAN Protocol Stack supports all terminal classes defined by Inmarsat. It has been integrated into land portable, maritime, aviation and land mobile terminals.

The key component of any BGAN user terminal

The BGAN Protocol Stack is a “must” for any new development of a BGAN user terminal, as it is an already proven product which reduces cost and risk. Furthermore, the re-usability, portability and testability of the BGAN Protocol Stack are ensured through several different customer implementations.

Mature software
The BGAN Protocol Stack is recognized by the following key words:

  • Mature – several type approvals
  • Highly generic and portable
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Support of advanced testing
  • Implemented in simple C++

UT Reference Stack for Inmarsat
GateHouse supplied the complete BGAN Protocol Stack (including the UMTS NAS) as a reference implementation used to validate Inmarsat MTR scripts and associated type approval equipment.

BPS as Software Core Module
The BGAN Protocol Stack from GateHouse is the software core module to a number of BGAN user terminal manufacturers, and some of these are:

  • Hughes Network Systems
  • DSpace
  • Addvalue Technologies
  • ComSine
  • Japan Radio Co.
  • Thales
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BGAN Protocol Stack

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Honeywell - Optimization with the BPS

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