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For more than a decade, we have provided the satellite communications industry with a range of market-leading software products and development services for commercial, government and military markets.

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Test and demo cheaper, better, smarter. No airtime or terminal required!

Global Xpress Link Emulator

End-to-end test of your terminal - on the bench!

BGAN Network Emulator

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“GateHouse is a trusted partner and we have benefitted from their services and products for more than a decade. They are a greatly valued business partner to us, on whom we can always rely for professional services and world class products.” Osamu YANO, Vice Excutive, Marine Systems Division Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
“GateHouse has a remarkable technical knowledge and understanding of even the most complex issues within satellite communications software.” Will Penfold, Honeywell
“Hughes San Diego has worked with GateHouse from when they first got started in the satellite communications business many years ago and our continuous cooperation persists till this day with great success. GateHouse Telecom has provided solid products, technical support and expertise to Hughes for the duration of this period and we look forward to continued collaboration in the years to come.” Graham Avis, Vice President and General Manager, Hughes San Diego


Inmarsat Recommends GateHouse’s New Global Xpress Test Tool

April 11, 2017 in Press Release

Satcom test tool leader GateHouse Telecom A/S today announces that Inmarsat has advised that it has performed testing of its new Global Xpress Link Emulator (GLE) clearing the way for Inmarsat to recommend the tool to its partners for part of their testing of Global Xpress (GX) applications and solutions off-air without a terminal.

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Why would you test off-air?

March 28, 2017 in Spotlight

The basic characteristics of satellite IP communications differ from a typical fibre, cable or ADSL internet connection. Satellite links provided with geostationary satellites have significant latencies of 480 milliseconds and upwards.

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Upcoming Inmarsat Conferences

February 28, 2017 in Press Release

Satellite terminal test leader GateHouse Telecom A/S today announces that it will showcase its new Global Xpress Link Emulator (GLE) 1.0 at three upcoming Inmarsat conferences in 2017.

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We are experts in satellite communications testing!

The common functionality across our test tools is the ability to create closed loop network – or network-in-a-box, as we call it. By creating a network on the bench, you avoid an array of challenges proposed by traditional on-air testing. A few to be mentioned is air-time costs, the unpredictability of signal degradation and the cost of travelling to on-site testing.

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