TELE Greenland further secures sub-sea cables

Press Release

GateHouse Maritime A/S wins 10-year contract with TELE Greenland A/S Group

TELE Greenland has chosen GateHouse Maritime to deliver an advanced surveillance system for their sub-sea cables.

GateHouse Maritime has in the past assisted TELE Greenland on several occasions, to identify perpetrators in relation to breakages on their subsea cables. The previous cooperation has led to a solid foundation of professional trust between GateHouse Maritime and TELE Greenland.

The system for TELE Greenland combines AIS data from exactEarth satellites and land based transponders on Greenland to create seamless and complete coverage. The coverage is the foundation for the core functionality of the system which is event detection and alarms. Advanced algorithms enable zone-specific detection of sea level events with probability of interference on the structural integrity of the subsea power and telecommunication cable infrastructures. Vessels approaching and entering the protection zones are automatically notified and warned, by message on display or by SMS/email, in case they show evidence of contingency or potentially violating behavior. These timely warnings are a valuable tool for prevention of costly and time consuming damages. All activity in the defined surveillance zones is also logged which provides the best possible evidence for correlating the occurrence of damages with identifiable vessels.

At GateHouse Maritime, we look very much forward to the continued cooperation with TELE Greenland for the many years to come.

About TELE Greenland A/S Group
TELE Greenland is the main telecommunication and postal provider in Greenland with headquarter in Nuuk.

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