SOFIC 2018


Networking Across Industries in the SOF Community

Last week we attended the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) where the international SOF community convened to network and to discuss challenges, initiatives and innovative technology in the industry.  

This was our first year at the conference, and we were far from disappointed. The conference offered a wide variety of industry representation, a large number of participants and overall an exciting atmosphere for networking and knowledge sharing.

We had brought along our BGAN Application Tester tool as well as our Global Xpress Link Emulator for on the spot live demonstrations. Showing the tools in action always provide eye-opening moments and helpful feedback. In addition to discussing our test tools, many showed interest in our capabilities within waveform development and especially adapting a waveform to special applications.

An important theme was how to shorten the timespan from innovation to implementation to ensure the SOF community always has state-of-the-art technology available – while maintaining the impeccable quality which is demanded and needed in the industry. Our input on the matter was of course how our test tools can provide an advantageous and reproducible environment for testing satcom solutions and terminals thoroughly in a much shorter amount of time than what can physically be obtained through live testing.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) was also a very popular subject at the conference, with many exciting new designs and specifications displayed throughout the exhibit halls. Many UAV providers plan to extend coverage beyond line of sight by use of satellite communication for image transmission and flight control in the coming years. GateHouse Telecom sees a continued need for satellite communication waveforms with built-in security, stability and a high degree of resilience towards cyberattacks in hostile environments.

SOFIC provides educational sessions, demonstrations, interaction with exhibitors and many networking opportunities during the event. SOFIC is the single most important opportunity for developing, nurturing and exercising the growing network across industry, government, academia and international partners. By leveraging the depth, breadth and diversity of this network the SOF community can boost its velocity, multiply its iterations and increase the variety of capabilities to meet the changing demands of its operators.

For industry participants, SOFIC provides a multitude of significant opportunities for networking, business intelligence, brand promotion and product demonstration.  Participants are offered detailed insights and tips on how to do business with the U.S. Special Operations Command, and information on what capabilities are most desired by the community.

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