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GateHouse Logistics Raises the Bar in Secure Data Sharing

Data unifier introduces new module to improve and simplify secure data sharing between carriers and shippers; ghShare is a module for Europe’s most secure data sharing service ghTrack®

Logistics data unifier and aggregator GateHouse Logistics A/S today raises the bar in secure data sharing for the connected supply chain with the launch of a new cloud portal that improves and simplifies the way logistics data is shared between carriers and shippers.

The new module ghShare is part of GateHouse Logistics’ data sharing service ghTrack®. It improves and greatly simplifies control of secure data sharing for both carriers and shippers. ghShare allows quick and easy online data sharing control and speeds up significantly the onboarding of new carriers and their assets by streamlining and automating the invitation flow.

ghTrack® is today the most secure data sharing and distribution service in Europe and is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Thousands of independent carriers use the ghTrack® service each day to share key logistics data with their customers. The new module ghShare provides carriers with full control of their assets. The registration and data sharing on ghTrack is free charge for carriers.

“GateHouse Logistics’ developers are tasked with constantly seeking ways to help carriers and shippers to better control the flow of data in the supply chain and bring about the industry-wide logistics connected era,” says Jesper Bennike, CEO GateHouse Logistics. “This new ghShare tool is another step towards logistics data nirvana.”

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