Partnership with project44


GateHouse Logistics and project44 Partner to Deliver Global Visibility

A first of its kind partnership for global visibility.

We are pleased to announce that GateHouse Logistics and project44 have entered into a strategic multinational partnership delivering comprehensive logistics visibility across North America and Europe. This partnership is the first of its kind in the market and provides the ability for both GateHouse Logistics and project44 to deliver high quality customer experience to national and international customers.

This strategic move comes as a direct result from customers looking for visibility providers who support global operations, and the partnership provides the ideal platform for global organizations to accurately see and manage events in their complex supply chains.

GateHouse Logistics and project44 maintain neutral position in terms of data sharing and carriers and shippers can opt in to the network, well knowing that their visibility partner is completely neutral and fully adhere to EU and US data regulation.

Benefits to customers and system partners:

  • Secure and authorized access to the largest network of carriers in North America and Europe.
  • One single interface to the most comprehensive global visibility solution powered only by secure, GDPR compliant, high-quality and real-time data.
  • Accelerate your time to data and successfully realizing ROI working with a single visibility provider for all shipments regardless of geographical location.


Benefits to telematics partners:

  • No changes in our commitment to securely manage data from your telematics system.


Benefits to connected carriers:

  • No changes in our commitment to deliver the most secure and GDPR compliant data sharing service.
  • Your logistics services will be visible to shippers in both Europe and North America.


Today, GateHouse Logistics and project44 deliver market leading capabilities in terms of facilitating data sharing between carriers and shippers through simple processes and intelligent design. This partnership will strengthen this position and we firmly believe that our network and customers will experience great benefits from it.

For more information

Please read the news release in English, German or Danish, partner datasheet in English or contact your local GateHouse Logistics representative.

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