New Video Series: The GateHouse Maritime System


GateHouse Maritime System Introduction Video

Confused about all the capabilities, solutions and features we offer, and how it all ties together? No worries, it is a lot to take in, we know. Our system and what you can use it for is very wide ranging, so making it seem simple would not only be difficult, but more importantly it would not be a true representation. Nonetheless, we would like to make it somewhat understandable by taking you through our system step by step. We have therefore created a new video series where we will show and tell you about our system, the different features and how to use them.

In this first video we introduce you to our system, which you could also call our platform, as it is the foundation for all our solutions. We will talk about and show you what kind of maritime tasks you can use it for, give you a technical system overview and last, but not least, we go through the web-interface to the system. As the system is the platform for all our solutions, the GateHouse interface is the primary way access the system tools. This means, that no matter which solution you may need, now or in the future, the interface is the same, making it easy to navigate, integrate or change the set of features you have.

We hope you enjoy this first video, even though the subject is slightly less entertaining than kittens (who doesn’t love a good cat video?). And please, let us know if the video makes sense or not – any feedback is appreciated.

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