New IWRAP Release


New Heatmap Feature and General Upgrades

We have just released the latest IWRAP Version 5.4.0., where we gave a the heatmap functionality an overall overhaul and added a new feature. 

Below we will exemplify the use of the new heatmaps feature. To use the IWRAP tool and heatmaps you will need a commercial license – if you don’t have a commercial license don’t hesitate to contact us for an online demonstration or a trial period by contacting us at →

The difference between heatmaps and density plots is that heatmaps don’t use interpolation. The screenshots below show the difference – on the left-hand side the new heatmap plot is shown and on the right-hand side the density plot is shown for comparison.

A great benefit to these heatmaps is that they are fast to generate. When you import a new dataset, a heatmap is automatically generated and displayed if the “Inspect heatmap after import” option is enabled. This can be used to inspect the spatial quality of the imported data.

If you have already imported a dataset you can go to the menu show below and create a new heatmap.

When you have created the heatmap, you can open the map view settings and control different visual aspects.

For more information or a trial period, please contact us at →

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