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GateHouse Maritime Welcomes Three New Employees

Following a year of significant growth, GateHouse Maritime has strengthened its team with two new software developers, Sander Bennett Boisen and Thorbjørn Søgaard Christensen, as well as a Sales Manager, Christian Köhl.


From left to right: Sander Bennett Boisen, Christian Köhl and Thorbjørn Søgaard Christensen.

Sander Bennett Boisen has studied biology with interest for botany, statistics and bioinformatics. His previous employment was as PhD student at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. At GateHouse Maritime Sander will mainly be involved with the development of new tools for the GateHouse Maritime technology platform, AISWEB. He will also do work on the Maritime Connectivity pilot project.

Thorbjørn Søgaard Christensen has a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen. He has previously been self-employed, where his business and work revolved around collection and dissemination of Esports data and statistics. At GateHouse Maritime Thorbjørn will mainly be involved with development of new AIS based features for the Gatehouse Maritime technology platform. A particular focus will be on the development of ETA calculations for container ships.

Christian Köhl was educated within the shipping, logistics and marine industry. His previous employments include positions with Inttra by E2Open as Regional Sales Account Manager, with SaaS and DaaS in EMEA, and with Hyundai as General and Sales Manager on sales and business development. At GateHouse Maritime Christian will hold a position as Sales Manager with a primary role of maintaining existing -and expanding the customers portfolio within Europe.

We are very pleased to have Sander, Thorbjørn and Christian on board and look forward to the many years of teamwork to come!

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