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GateHouse Maritime Delivers Online AIS Display System for Taiwan’s Maritime and Port Bureau

The Maritime and Port Bureau of Taiwan has chosen GateHouse Maritime to deliver the software side of their new national AIS system. The system is currently being installed and is estimated to be fully functional this September.

Bringing the world’s AIS right to the users – anywhere
The solution we are providing will be accessible from any computer with an Internet connection and a standard web browser. It is well-suited for the many users with needs for maritime information and ideal for distributing maritime data to a number of users in different locations.

AtoN Chaining
The Taiwanese maritime domain consists of many islands and lighthouses, and some of these are out of reach for shore connectivity. One of the key features in their new system is therefore developed for the situations when an AtoN is too far away from direct connectivity from shore. With the AtoN chaining feature, other AtoNs that are within coverage from shore can be set up to retransmit a message to the AtoN furthest away – essentially forming a chain of transmitters from shore to the AtoNs without direct connectivity.

Specifically, the software takes care of generating, encrypting and transmitting messages that configure an AtoN for sending out virtual AtoNs – using the chained AtoNs for the transmission.

Graphically displayed as below when clicking on AtoN/Base stations that are part of a chain.

About MPB

The Maritime and Port Bureau (MPB) is a government body in charge of maritime and port-related public administration. The purpose of the MPB is to:

  • Build a quality environment for the maritime industry
  • Reinforce maritime capabilities for higher competitiveness
  • Implement national maritime policies
  • Maintain order and safety at sea
  • Cultivate maritime human resources

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