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ghMaritime Offshore

Effective monitoring and surveillance of offshore structures and vessels for operators. Enhanced visibility and awareness of potential threats allows operators to protect costly assets and avoid expensive down time caused by collisions with platforms or infrastructure.

Timely response to potential threats

Maritime safety in the proximity of offshore assets is of paramount importance. Surveillance solutions from GateHouse constitute a proactive and auto­ma­ted preventive approach to minimizing the probability of threats and damages to the integrity of the offshore assets.

A common operational picture
Early warnings and direct communication with vessels approaching is a cost effective way to increase the probability of diverting a vessel on collision course. All systems from GateHouse supplements and integrates easily with existing monitoring solutions and warning technologies (i.e. fog horns and strobe lights) thus enabling the common operational picture necessary for all involved in operating and securing the offshore assets.

Event detection and filtering of vessels
Intelligent event detection enables zone-specific, rule-based detection of sea level events with particular probability of interference and effect on the structural integrity of assets – both fixed, floating and subsea assets. And the advanced filtering features allow operators to closely monitor all vessels – both excluding or including own supply vessels.

Identification of preventive security measures
Advanced statistical features enables traffic pattern analysis, traffic density plots, event type frequencies and locations, e.g. near-miss situations to provide direct decision support tools for additional preventive measures.

A solution for your specific needs
The ghMaritime Offshore Solutions from GateHouse constitute a proactive and automated preventive approach to minimizing the probability of threats and damages to offshore and subsea assets such as:

  • Wind farms
  • Oil and gas production platforms
  • Pipelines
  • Cables

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