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ghMaritime Monitor

Unrivaled monitoring and analysis of real-time and historical AIS data – delivering a comprehensive and operational maritime overview. The most dedicated AIS display solution on the market based on deep understanding and knowledge of AIS data and systems.

“Sea” it all with real-time and historical AIS data

Based on the GateHouse Maritime AIS system, with more than 17 years of operational use by maritime authorities and commercial partners around the world, ghMaritime Monitor is more than a display system just showing ships position in real time. It is an interactive tool for monitoring and managing the maritime domain with world class functionality and usability. The user-friendly and flexible design ensures that you are provided with an efficient and intuitive tool for displaying maritime data. ghMaritime Monitor is prepared for sharing of data with other users or stakeholders and can be configured with individual user rights for different operators.

Several data sources – One operational picture
GateHouse Maritime is one of the pioneers within AIS and to this day we are still at the front by innovatively integrating and adapting new technologies. AIS data from space cover vast areas of sea which are otherwise out of reach for coastal infrastructure. ghMaritime Monitor is also prepared for the extended coverage gained by LRIT, radar and other data sources and will provide one comprehensive operational overview.

Bringing the world’s AIS right to you – anywhere
ghMaritime Monitor is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection and a standard browser. It is well-suited for many users with needs for maritime information and ideal for distributing maritime data to a number of users in different locations.


Unmatched advanced features
ghMaritime Monitor offers a range of highly relevant features. For example:

  • Real-time monitoring of AIS targets (ships on a map)
  • Advanced automatic ETA calculations
  • Historical track replay
  • Event detection
  • Advanced search for ships, draw on map functionality, intelligent filtering by any AIS field
  • Statistics
  • Prepared for integration with ghMaritime Analytics for more advanced statistical features
  • Ready for terrestrial and satellite AIS data
  • Full IALA compliance now and in the future
  • Also available as a desktop application

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– Christian Köhl, Sales Manager at GateHouse Maritime