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ghMaritime Intelligence

Enhance control through increased maritime domain awareness. Real-time and historical data delivered in a user-friendly format for situational awareness without information overload.

Extract valuable intelligence and enhance control through increased maritime domain awareness

With more than 100.000 ships in transit daily, it is essential to filter data intelligently to create operational pictures for the world’s law enforcement authorities.

Experienced supplier to authorities worldwide
At GateHouse Maritime we have a long tradition for providing operational pictures and features to maritime authorities all over the world. This means that we have extensive experience with the special needs and considerations related to the daily work of maritime law enforcement authorities.

Make the most of maritime data
When it comes to data recording, data fusing, data mining, and data visualisation, GateHouse Maritime is second to none. We help our customers conquer the vast sea of data and make numbers into meaning.

The right information – on time, anytime
the ghMaritime Intelligence tool includes a versatile range of advanced features, for example:

  • Set up event detection and notifications
  • Tracking and investigating of perpetrators
  • Reliable ETA’s for perfect timing of controls
  • Share information online across international borders
  • Both historical and real-time data available

For more information on the many features and their practical use, download our product sheet below, or contact us here.


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“I would warmly recommend GateHouse as a contractor within this AIS domain. Their product and their dynamic working methodology is world class.” Omar F. Eriksson, Head of the Innovation and Project Division at Danish Maritime Authority

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If you have any questions you can reach us at US +1 (256) 658-8633 or DK +45 7020 1909
– Christian Köhl, Sales Manager at GateHouse Maritime