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The IWRAP Mk2 AIS Import solution enables analysts to import ship data from AIS directly into IWRAP Mk2. This enables the analyst to rapidly perform high-quality risk analysis.


Data Import
AIS data can be imported from one or more text files. Data is automatically sorted according to time. The Data Import step can be configured by the user to handle a variety of different formats, e.g. different time formats.

Lloyds Data Import
Lloyds data can be imported to identify the specific ship type in the imported AIS data. The tool can be used without Lloyds data, but using Lloyds data increases the accuracy.

Traffic Density Plot
The traffic density plot is a crucial tool for assisting the analyst in specifying the fairways, i.e. waypoints and legs. It is possible to specify a number of parameters in order to handle the composition of the data, e.g. if the data is down-sampled. The size and colouring of the cells of the plot can also be adjusted. Furthermore, it is possible to filter on direction, a valuable tool for analyzing traffic patterns.

Extract Lateral Distribution
When the user has specified the waypoint/leg layout, the AIS import solution can generate histograms, and automatically fit these histograms to a mix of IWRAP Mk2 supported distributions.

Extract Traffic Volume Distributions
When the analyst is satisfied with the layout of the legs, the model can be completed by automatically extracting the traffic volume distributions on the legs and at the waypoints from the AIS data.

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