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ghMaritime Analytics

Valuable information extracted from maritime data. Drill down into and investigate maritime traffic to base your traffic management decisions on derived facts rather than assumptions.

Effective maritime analysis tools for fact-based decisions

Fact-based decisions and documentation are no longer just an option, but a must for most maritime operators. The amount of data that is available today can easily cause information overflow and translation of numbers into meaning is therefor key. ghMaritime Analytics spans a wide range of features specifically developed for analyzing vessel traffic by extracting valuable information from maritime data – hereby bridging the gap from data overflow to meaningful information.

Easy to use and data compatibility
Our user interface is highly intuitive and simple, and includes various filtering opportunities. It allows users to generate highly specialized reports limited to specific criteria, periods of time, types of vessels, plot formats etc. The tools handle all data input sources such as AIS, radar, Sat AIS, LRIT etc.


Add value to your existing system
ghMaritime Analytics adds value to your existing system as it can be combined with whatever system you may have. There is no need to start all over to benefit from the valuable features in ghMaritime Analytics.

Different needs – different features
ghMaritime Analytics consists of two different and independent modules:

  • Statistical Package
  • Risk Analysis (IWRAP Mk2)

The modules can be purchased separately. Read more about the two modules below.


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Statistical Package

How many vessels entered our port last year? Which vessels passed through our waters, and how many were carrying dangerous cargo? Does our AtoNs match and support the actually vessel traffic? The Statistical Package allows you to answer questions like these and many more regarding vessel traffic in your domain. It is the most advanced and user-friendly maritime statistics tool on the market.

Statistical Reports
The Statistical Package can produce an extensive range of statistical reports. Below, you can read more about some of the most often used.

Density Plot

A powerful tool for analysing traffic patterns in specific areas. Analyses the traffic in the chosen area and colours the chart according to the amount of traffic.

Passage Line Histogram

Showing the number of vessels that have passed a user-defined line, grouping them according to user-defined criteria, such as draught , ship type, speed, country registered, etc.

Historical Tracks

Used to analyse how vessels have navigated in a specific area. Tracks can be coloured according to selected criteria, e.g. direction, speed or draught. Historical Track reports can for example be used to identify vessels violating traffic separation schemes.

Ship Report

Summarizes the movements of a specified vessel over a specified period of time. The report depicts the locations of relevant events on a chart, i.e. where was the first or the last position report received, change to the vessel’s static information (e.g. ETA, destination etc.)

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Risk Analysis (IWRAP Mk2)

Rapid execution of high-quality risk analysis

Risk Analysis (IWRAP Mk2) is a unique set of features designed specifically for maritime risk assessment. It is developed by GateHouse Maritime in close cooperation with IALA. Using the Risk Analysis tool, you can estimate the frequency of collisions and groundings in a given waterway. The tool enables you to efficiently evaluate and estimate risks.

AIS Import Add-On: Easy import of data
The AIS Import Add-On tool enables easy and time-reducing import of AIS data. AIS data can be imported from one or more text files. Data is automatically sorted according to time, and the tool handles a variety of different formats, e.g. different time formats, position formats, etc.

Lloyds Data Import
Lloyds data can be imported to identify the specific ship type in the imported AIS data. The tool can be used without Lloyds data, but using Lloyds data increases the accuracy.

Add value to your maritime analysis
Risk Analysis (IWRAP Mk2) is a strong tool that adds value to your maritime analysis. All that is required to

get started is an AIS data stream, and the AIS Import Add-On lets you include any amount of AIS data instantly, and then starts analyzing immediately.

Examples of use

  • Predict traffic patterns around offshore sites
  • Estimate CO2 emissions
  • Groundings in a defined area
  • Estimate how changes in sailing routes affect maritime safety
  • Estimating the frequency of collisions along a sailing route
  • Predictions of environmental impact by collisions
  • Evaluating the risk reduction effect of Aids to Navigation

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