GateHouse Maritime A/S
Strømmen 6
9400 Nørresundby

GateHouse Maritime A/S: DK37439568

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 08.00 – 16.00
Friday: 08.00 – 15.00
(Central European Time during winter and Central European Summer Time during summer)

Please note the following public holidays in Denmark shall be excluded from the normal service hours. GateHouse is furthermore closed on December 31.

Contact persons:

Poul Bondo

+45 4090 7401


Joel Box

Sales Director
+1 256 658 8633

Dennie Frifeldt

Senior Software Engineer
+45 9932 4053

Morten Christian Larsen

Project Manager
+45 9932 4097

Torsten Martinsen

Chief Architect
+45 9632 1197

Villy Frydkjær Thomsen

Senior Software Engineer
+45 9932 4069

Christian Köhl

Sales Manager
+45 23430331

Sander Bennett Boisen

Software Developer
+45 5356 6966

Thorbjørn Søgaard Christensen

Software Developer
+45 9932 4022



Do you need support?

Our experts are ready to help you. Call our support team on phone: +45 7020 1908
or +1 (866) 978-4842 (Toll-free for North America).

You can also write us an e-mail by clicking the button.

Write an e-mail to the support team

Support is about trust, quality, and partnership

We focus on long term relationships with our customers.

We try hard to understand the business drivers of our customers. In that way we can provide the optimal supporting business services and balance cost of delivery with value delivered.

GateHouse supports maritime communication systems, tracking and logistic systems, and our own satellite communication customers. Our support team also provides IT and consultancy services within acquisition of communication systems and within enterprise architecture. We only provide support services in areas where we are REALLY competent.

GateHouse Support Philosophy:

  • Supporting our customers is a GateHouse core business
  • Respect for the customer's business - each customer is unique
  • Keep it as simple as possible for the customer
  • Continuously developing our competences is key
  • Fix it fast
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See on the map below where we have deployed our services and competences:


Ask them here, and we will return to you shortly.

Want to know more?

Don’t hesitate to give me a call at +45 4090 7401
– Poul Bondo, Business Director

Write me an e-mail