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The GateHouse Maritime Technology Platform offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to support the requirements of maritime stakeholders.

Data & Service Management

  • Managing and storing large amounts of data
  • Fusing and organizing data to support analytics
  • System performance monitoring and automated alarms
  • Data security through user management, network protocols

Tracking & Surveillance

  • Visualization tool supporting Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Controls to display only the information important to your organization
  • Fully web-enabled to support a diverse group of users


  • Accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals
  • Simplified graphical berth management interface
  • Designed for integration with existing systems via web services
  • Vessel tracking and surveillance in port area
  • Support for creation, transmission and monitoring of virtual AtoNs


  • Accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals
  • Vessel schedule and performance data
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Designed to be integrated with existing systems via web services


  • Real-time analytics to identify vessel related threats to maritime assets
  • Solutions for oil rigs, wind farms, pipelines and cables
  • Vessel traffic recordings for incident analysis
  • Automated messaging of potential threats to asset owners and security personnel

Analytics and Reporting

  • Solutions to extract information from large data repositories
  • Automation of business and report processes
  • Maritime security by anomaly detection and fusing of data sets
  • Vessel traffic patterns and characteristics

Aids to Navigation Management

  • Monitoring of physical Aids to Navigation equipped with AIS
  • Support for creation, transmission and monitoring of virtual AIS Aids to Navigation
  • Solutions for e-Navigation information transmitted via AIS

Risk Assessment

  • Waterways management support for navigation and charting
  • Support for estimating vessel emissions
  • Prediction of vessel traffic patterns
  • Estimates on collision rates for waterways
  • Identification of security threats

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