ghView visualizes the entire ghTrack suite of services in a simple and easy-to-use web portal. The combined features of ghTrack is a compelling service for the transport and logistics industry providing unprecedented supply chain visibility. The Software-as-a-Service ghView module provides a module specific and unified graphical user interface to all ghTrack Data-as-a-Service modules.

ghView provides one unified graphical user interface to all ghTrack Daas modules. Your operational dashboard!

Visualization of Your Supply Chain


Generel Features:

  • Map visualization with all navigational capabilities
  • ghTrack module specific reporting
  • Advanced ghTrack module specific filtering
  • List and report exports to pdf & Excel
  • Automated report scheduling
  • Administration right management

gArrival Features:

  • Arrival board with ETA for next stop
  • Load specific status and progress dashboard
  • Next stop on time, delayed, and pre-arrival notifications

ghMonitor Features:

  • Reefer data dashboard and trend curves
  • Sensor data dashboard and trend curves

ghSequence Features:

  • Sequence deviation dashboard
  • Notifications on sequence deviations

ghUnify Features:

  • Real time position of own/dedicated assets
  • 6 months historical vehicle trail
  • Asset attributes and reefer data visualization
  • Asset health management, last heard from
  • Asset colour mapping, last movement
  • Data distribution management
  • User specific geofence creation

ghCore Features:

  • Point Load overview with specifications: planned begin/end, scheduled dock time, tour creator ID& click address lookup
  • Ongoing load status and progress
  • 6 months historical load storage
  • Ongoing load colour labeling
  • Pickup and delivery time stamps

ghSecure Features:

  • Secure route visualization
  • Secure parking visualization
  • Route deviation notifications
  • Alarm and notification dashboard