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Do you need to know the exact position of your load at sea at any time? Singularly, ghVessel collects vessel AIS broadcast signals from satellite and land-based systems to provide valuable real-time tracking of loads port-to-port to manufacturers, cargo owners, logistic service providers, container owners and all other players in the supply chain.

ghVessel combines satellite and terrestrial AIS data to provide ETA calculations of loads at sea. The service can be accessed through a web portal or directly integrated into a business system. 

Real-time tracking of your load at sea

Knowing the name of a vessel carrying a specific load, its arrival time at a port can be shown on a 24/7 basis. By simply matching the vessel and your load, you will be able to view the location in near real-time and to calculate an ETA at the next port.

ghVessel calculates next-port ETA based on years of historical data and typical vessel behaviour combined with information found in the AIS transmission.


Control of your intermodal supply chain Offshore real time vessel based tracking Port specific vessel monitoring and ETA


Arrival Monitoring:

  • Next port vessel ETA calculation
  • My preferred ports
  • Port specific arrival board

Data Viewing Capabilities:

  • Unified arrival board across ports

Notifications and Alarms:

  • Delayed, on time, and pre-arrival notification
  • On screen or by email

Integration and System Management:

  • ghTrack REST API interface
  • Port, vessel tracking activation
  • Receive ETA updates
  • Receive vessel AIS data