Challenged getting a total fleet overview? Having dispatchers working in mulitple systems? ghUnify solves the challenges providing a single unified data stream. ghUnify is an automated module that aggregates and unifies all available GPS/Telematics/ELD data from today’s logistics world of hundreds of data and device providers. Data is easily accessed through a single API in real time and is also actionable for any number of exception management logistics efficiency improvements.

ghUnify aggregates data from all connected assets across your inbound supply chain and outbound distribution network. Device-agnostic, the unified logistics data is delivered through one consolidated data stream as a single API. The service is easily integrated into any logistics or resource planning system, i.e. TMS, FMS, ERP.

Data Aggregation of Telematics/GPS/ELD Systems

The sheer amount of data streaming into any logistics system from many different telematics systems makes operating a smooth and efficient logistics business very challenging. Lacking a complete fleet overview of your own and subcontracted assets represents an uncontrolled liability for any transport owner in striving to run a profitable business.

Those challenges are now over by adding ghUnify to your system providing a dynamic, system-agnostic service that creates unified transport data visibility.

ghUnify is a highly secure data source aggregator that puts a consolidated telematics data stream at your

disposal. As a simple plug-ing solution for logistics logic, the service can be easily setup to operate across the myriad of data systems and supports all telematics data.

ghUnify interprets and processes individual telematics data formats into one, unified data format including vehicle locations, reefer data and all other telematics data. The data stream can be integrated into your software via a REST API or delivered with a transcoded data output for easy compatibility with common telematics systems.


Data Distribution and Security:

  • Secure data access and distribution
  • Permanent data access
  • Authenticated data management

Data Collection and Aggregation:

  • Integration of data from all telematics systems
  • One single consolidated and unified data stream

Integration and System Management:

  • Simple TMS/FMS/ERP system integration
  • ghTrack REST API interface
  • Transcoding between common telematics systems
  • Automatic maintenance of telematic interfaces

Data Viewing Capabilities:

  • Available through ghView module