ghShare is a data sharing portal provided to manage requests for data sharing between shippers and carriers. It enables a secure and userfriendly way of data sharing.

ghShare connects data provider and data subscriber in a highly userfriendly way. It is a self-service interface provided to establish mutual data sharing agreements.

Full workflow support for your data sharing

ghShare is a data sharing portal providing full data sharing contol. It secures the workflow process for establishing data sharing connections between shippers and carriers.

Shippers can request data sharing from carriers and monitor the invitation flow.


ghShare lets carriers control their data sharing and perform self-service on their assets. A dashboard provides full asset health overview.


Shipper features

  • Data sharing invitations to carriers including e-mail notifications always letting shippers know the status of all requests
  • Resend and cancel possibilities for all invitations
  • Overview of all carriers and their asset availability

Carrier features

  • Manage data sharing requests
  • Easy and simple possibility to add any GPS/Telematics provider in an automated and dynamic flow
  • Invite subcontractors
  • Monitor which shippers you are sharing data with
  • Fleet health overview

Generic features

  • Multiple language support in portal and data sharing requests: English, German, Polish and Rumanian
  • Built-in online help
  • Standard Terms & Conditions access and acceptance for data subscribers and providers
  • All user and system actions are traceable in a system log