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Are you running a Just-in-Sequence supply chain for your production lines? ghSequence offers best-in class control tower functions enabling comprehensive freight visibility into your sequence sensitive in-bound logistics. ghSequency provides notifications and alarms on sequence disruptions in real-time while they are happening, enabling you to proactively adjust production and initiate corrective actions and resillience planning.

ghSequence processes real-time location data on all your deliveries across all your carriers and their subcontractors into an intelligent ETA information stream for your Just-in-Sequence ongoing inbound loads; enabling an operational overview of sequenced loads at risk.

Just-In-Sequence Supply Chain Delivery

With ghSequence, you will never be in the dark again about your inbound sequenced loads. You will know when loads will be picked up, where they are at any given moment in the delivery process, and when they will be delivered.

ghSequence is a unique logistics solution providing precise real-time information about changes in delivery schedules as they happen. It can be used on both inbound and outbound logistics. It enables you to proactively manage the logistics at your ramp and production minimzing potential sequence
disruption putting your production flow at risk.


ETA calculations presented are based on truck specific algorithms and maps, including live and historical traffic information and weather conditions.

ghSequence processes live location data relative to the load schedule around pick up and delivery points. When a sequenced truck leaves its sequence position, you will be instantly notified that the sequence is off schedule and which load is at risk. All notifications and alarms are delivered through the ghTrack REST API interface.


Load Sequencing Control Tower:

  • Sequenced load visibility and survelliance
  • Truck route specific ETA Calculations
  • Real-time load monitoring
  • Preditive ETA utilizing traffic and weather

Notifications and Alarms:

  • Pre-Arrival, Delayed and On-Time notification
  • Sequence event log
  • Arrival notifications pushed through REST API
  • Notification push by e-mail

JIS Schedule Definitions:

  • Define Load sequence
  • Fixed sequence schedule loading

Integration and System Management:

  • ghTrack REST API interface

Data Viewing Capabilities:

  • Available through ghView module