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Are your temperature sensitive refrigerated and frozen loads ever damaged due to fluctuations in trailer’s cooling system? ghMonitor tracks any type of sensor data across your carrier’s telematics/ELD/GPS systems. Easily confirm that the temperature is consistently maintained throughout the trailer cargo floor plan. Set notification thresholds and alarms to ensure your goods stay within your temperature control requirements and comply with national regulations. View data in real-time and generate historical reports.

ghMonitor analyzes sensor data from all your monitored loads across your carriers and their subcontractors to proactively notify you and the carrier so the necessary actions may be taken to avoid damage to your goods.

Monitor Sensors, Ensure Temperature Compliance

ghMonitor allows you to proactively respond to any sensor deviation above or below your established thresholds, including cargo temperature sensors, humidity, door contacts, tire pressure, fuel levels and more. While tracking the location of an asset, ghMonitor allows you to easily monitor the complete set of telematics data including the critical sensors that impact the integrity of your load from pickup to delivery.

Minimize Product Loss with Temperature Control Ensure temperature compliance across a variety of loads by easily specifying different temperature requirements that are specific to your load.

For example, monitor reefer loads in real time and/or generate historical reports to show your load’s compliance with the USA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other national regulations. As a fleet owner coordinating across numerous telematics solutions, use ghMonitor’s consolidated view to lower your fleet operating costs.

Easily monitor critical sensor data through our user friendly ghView graphical interface or simply leverage the integration of our consolidated API data stream into your ERP/TMS/FMS system.


Sensor Data Collection:

  • Sensor data collection and storage
  • Logical sensor mapping
  • Reefer floor plan mapping

Notifications and Alarms:

  • Sensor data threshold triggering
  • Temperature threshold triggering
  • Notification push through REST API
  • Notification push by e-mail
  • Customer notification by e-mail

Data Viewing Capabilities:

  • Available through the ghView module

Sensor Data Monitoring:

  • Customer specific temperature thresholds
  • Sensor data threshold management
  • Temperature threshold management
  • Alarm and rule creation

Integration and System Management:

  • ghTrack REST API interface