Are you challenged getting visibility when sourcing transport services from multiple Logstic Service Providers and 3PL’s? ghCore is the data sharing engine utilized to gather and share specific load related activities across your entire LSP supplier base and it also easily handles  secure data sharing with your customers.

ghUnify’s data stream is intelligently filtered through the ghCore data sharing engine and is securely distributed to authorized data subscribers. The  tour/load specific data sharing is uniquely handled by GateHouse Logistics’ Data sharing standard.  The ghCore data stream easily integrates into your own TMS, FMS or ERP business system.

Load Specific Logistics Visibility

As the fourth industrial revolution gathers pace, the need for a smooth and totally transparent supply chain is becoming more evident. The sharing of logistics data is now paramount for businesses to handle the mountain of data coming from different systems and belonging to different data owners.

Data sharing based on load specific information
ghCore includes a multifactor load authentication engine  that processes key load tracking information such as defined addresses of pickup and delivery location, the scheduled pickup and delivery time windows and vehicle IDs.

The load tracking engine ensures that the right data is forwarded to the right receiver according to



load information including vehicle locations, reefer and all other telematics data.

The data to load mapping process is executed according to GateHouse Logistics’ Data sharing standard, which operates with a multi authentication algorithm to manage the data stream.

The ghCore service can be easily integrated into any logistics business system via a REST API integration


Data Distribution and Security:

  • Secure load data access and distribution
  • Authenticated data management
  • Legal data sharing agreements with asset owners
  • Data validation and integrity monitoring

Integration and System Management:

  • ghTrack REST API interface
  • ghCore Carrier view

Load Specific Execution:

  • Alarms and notifications
  • Load status and progress
  • Schedule load specific dock arrivals
  • Dynamic geofencing
  • Load and asset ID validation
  • Automated pick-up and delivery location time stamps
  • Load creator ID validation

Data Viewing Capabilities:

  • Available through ghView module