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ghCarrierView is a FREE service for all carriers connected to ghTrack. It provides carriers with tracking information on tours they are sharing through ghTrack.

ghCarrierView provides an overview of tours you are driving for a specific customer. It shows the pick-up point (1), the delivery point (2) and the actual location of the truck.

Controlling who gets your data has never been easier

When you share data with your customers through GateHouse’s ghTrack solution, you join thousands of other carriers on the same platform driving for some of the world’s largest transport companies and transport buyers. ghTrack unites data from all connected carriers. Uniquely, it provides one consolidated data stream from all telematics systems.

All carriers joining the platform are provided with the GateHouse ghCarrierView service to see their own assets, which means you have business-critical tracking information about the tours you are sharing though ghTrack. It also provides an overview of which customer is currently receiving a specific asset data stream through the ghTrack service.

GateHouse is an independent data aggregator and distributor. Your data is secure and confidential thanks to ghCore’s unique authentication features. Data can only be accessed when a validated signoff is provided by you. You can only be tracked by customers with permission to access your live data on ghTrack and this is valid only for as long as you drive for them. As soon as a tour is completed, tracking is terminated.

Your benefits

  • Controlling who gets your data has never been easier to monitor.
  • View tracking status information about the tours you are sharing through ghTrack.
  • Make and receive less phone calls requesting updates on delivery progress.
  • View historical tours for the last month.
  • Become a preferred partner. Once you are on the ghTrack platform, other customers can be granted access to your GPS data.
  • Free of charge service for connected carriers.