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Are you spending too much time on check calls? With ghArrival, you will never be in the dark again about delivery loads. You will know when loads will be picked up, where they are at any given moment in the delivery process, and when they will be delivered. ghArrival’s comprehensive control tower function provides a total overview of ongoing loads, flagging loads at risk as well as delayed loads.

ghArrival processes real-time location data on all your deliveries across all your carriers and their subcontractors to intelligent ETA information on your ongoing loads. Enabling an operational overview of loads at risk.

Real Time ETA with Predictive Analytics

ghArrival is a unique logistics solution providing precise real time information about changes in delivery schedules as they happen. It can be used on both inbound and outbound logistics. ghArrival enables you to proactively manage the logistics at your ramp and further to keep customers abreast of circumstantial changes of scheduled deliveries.

ETA calculations presented are based on truck specific algorithms and maps, including live and historical traffic information and weather conditions.


ghArrival processes live route location data relative to the load schedule for pick up and delivery ETA calculations. When a truck enters or leaves pick or delivery zones, you will be instantly notified whether the load is on schedule, at risk or delayed. All notifications and alarms are delivered through the ghTrack REST API interface.


Arrival Control Tower:

  • Truck route specific ETA calculation
  • Real-time load monitoring
  • Predictive ETA utilizing weather and traffic

Integration and System Management:

  • ghTrack REST API interface

Notifications and Alarms:

  • Delayed and on-time notification
  • Pre-arrival notifications
  • Arrival notifications pushed through REST API
  • Notification push by e-mail
  • Shipper notification by e-mail

Data Viewing Capabilities:

  • Available through ghView module