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ghCore is a unique and highly-secure data source aggregator. A compelling cloud solution for business advantage, the product can be easily set up to operate across the myriad of data systems and supports all telematics data.

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ghUnify is a unique and highly-secure data source aggregator that matchlessly puts a consolidated and unified data stream of telematics data at you disposal.

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ghMonitor collects all types of sensor data from transports across all carriers and provides you with an overview in one screen.All views can be customized to suit your operational needs.

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ghArrival is a unique logistics solution providing precise real-time information about changes in delivery schedules as they happen. ghArrival enables you to keep customers abreast of circumstantial changes of scheduled incoming and outgoing deliveries.

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ghSecure is an intelligent high-value security cloud service that helps to monitor transports. It harnesses the power of real time telematics technology to fight crime intelligently and keep supply chains resilient.


ghVessel  combines satellite and terrestrial AIS data to provide ETA calculations of loads at sea. The service can be accessed through a web portal or directly integrated into a business system.


ghView provides one unified data overview of all operations. Only ghView can manage all incoming data from all deliveries across all your carriers and unify the data into one single overview of your entire operation on a list or a map.

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ghHaulierView. Controlling who gets your data has never been easier. ghCore Haulier View is a free of charge service for all connected hauliers and provides hauliers with tracking information on tours they are sharing through ghTrack.

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