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Telematics partners

By joining our ghTrack program and making your telematics data visible in one consolidated view to transport buyers and transport companies, your tracking system becomes compatible with the next supply chain revolution. Most telematics providers have already joined.

Who can join?

Any telematics/ELD/GPS provider can be integrated with ghTrack.

Why should you join?

Becoming a telematics partner enables you to make tracking data more accessible and shareable for your customers. As a joined-up partner, our platform does not affect the way you do business with customers. Your ghTrack partnership is simply a supplement generating new possibilities, visibility and higher flexibility for your customers.

Who have joined so far?

Most telematics providers have already joined our ghTrack platform for solid business reasons, and new are joining every week . You can see the full  list of telematics partners here:

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List of telematics partners