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The fourth industrial revolution is here. The days when closed ecosystems were the norm in the business of logistics are gone in this data driven, connected world. ghTrack makes your system Industry 4.0 compatible and enables you to offer logistics managers real-time tracking of all assets in transit, anytime, anywhere.

Who can join?

Every provider of solutions to the transport and logistics industry can benefit from a partnership with GateHouse Logistics. Whether you are providing a TMS, WMS, FMS, SCMS or any other type of system we encourage you to explore the possibilities of a partnership.

Why should you join?

Have your customers recognized the  importance of end-to-end supply chain visibility? By partnering with GateHouse Logistics you assist your customers in obtaining more visibility in their supply chain. The real time tracking data stream from ghTrack is made available through your solution, and adds value to it. A competitive advantage is gained for both you and your customer.

“The extensive network available with ghTrack is a win for our carriers and shippers because of the speed of implementation and quality of the data” Cindi Hane, Vice President of Product Management at Elemica
“The integration of telematics data lets our users know exactly where the truck carrying the shipment is located at any given moment in time.” Uwe Schumacher, Vice President of Business Development at AXIT
“Visibility of transport execution is paramount for our customers, and integration with ghTrack makes it easier for carriers to provide their customers with live information without disrupting any processes.” Fabrice Maquignon, CEO Transwide and Teleroute (ALPEGA Group)
“By partnering with GateHouse Logistics, we can integrate its ghTrack technology into our data streams and provide brokers and transport companies with information in real time about trucks in specific areas that are intelligently paired with available loads to keep trucks rolling at reasonable rates.” Russell Jones, CEO at Cargo Chief’s CEO

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