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Sharing tracking data with your customers has never been easier and more secure. Thousands of carriers have already joined the ghTrack platform and are reaping the rewards – like reducing check calls by 80% and winning repeat business. Join them – and share your data on the most secure data sharing platform. It’s free!

How do we handle your data?

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GateHouse Logistics is leading the way that logistics data is  shared  securely through the supply chain. Our ghTrack data service is trusted by thousands of transport companies and shippers for aggregation and sharing data. Data sharing is compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We guarantee to handle data completely secure.

We integrate and unify data from all GPS systems and hundreds of carriers are profiting from joining our platform.

Joining the platform is free and enables carriers to share key supply chain data with whoever they are driving for. By joining ghTrack and sharing your data,  shippers  see you as a more efficient business partner and will use your service time-and-again. All gain, no pain.

“We can observe growing interest, or even demand for data sharing, as our clients want to know the exact time and position of their loads at any time. GateHouse Logistics provides us with a safe and reliable solution to meet the needs of the Polish and European market” Bartłomiej Mac, Cloud Logistics

Selected Carrier Partners