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ghTrack provides the complete real-time overview of your fleet. No matter how many different telematics systems are being used in your supply chain, ghTrack automatically extracts data from them and supplies you with one stream of data intelligence. You optimize the transport processes and deliver the ultimate customer service experience.

“With the addition of the GateHouse solution, P&O Ferrymasters is now capable of providing full visibility across the business which is truly unique in our industry.” Mark Mulder, P&O Ferrymasters’ contract logistics director
“The automatic processing of various data and information provided by the ghTrack modules are the most effective and efficient tools to pro-actively support tour planning and to generate high added value in quality and time savings.” Sebastian Prinzing, Manager of Projects, Heinloth Transport GmbH

Is this you?

  • Logging in to different TMS systems due to subcontractors using different telematics equipment?
  • Spending too much time answering queries on the ETAs of deliveries?
  • Lacking complete overview of all own and subcontracted assets?

ghTrack value proposition

  • Quick and precise overview of all transports in transit
  • Possibility of sharing real time tracking data with customers
  • Notifications when a transport is delayed or shows deviation from planned route

Customer Cases

Read a customer case about how Lorang uses ghTrack to estimate precisely the time of arrival and to meet their part in linking clients and customers better than before.


Customer Case: Lorang

Read a customer case about how Cargoways uses ghTrack to automate processes and distribute order information directly to trucks.


Customer Case: Cargoways

Read a customer case about how Heinloth uses ghTrack to eliminate time-consuming telephone calls and correspondence.


Customer Case: Heinloth Transport

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Maybe ghCore is the right solution for you?

ghCore is a ghTrack module collecting data from all connected assets (independent of asset types, sensor types and types of network connection) to provide you with a total fleet overview for smooth and efficient operations.