Every logistics business sector can benefit from the ghTrack DaaS (Data-as-a-Service). With one stream of tracking data containing all relevant asset intelligence from the total fleet in transit, you have a single consolidated overview and full transparency of your assets in the entire supply chain.

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ghTrack is a product of our time and has been built to comply with all existing enterprise systems as well as Industry 4.0 demands for transparency and real-time tracking data. The constantly updated real-time tracking information you obtain of incoming and outgoing deliveries from ghTrack provides you with a great business advantage.


Get full visibility of the supply chain for your smart manufacturing processes. ghTrack bridges the knowledge gap of where supplies are and when they will arrive.
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Control and obtain precise knowledge about the location and condition of transports you are managing with ghTrack. Furthermore, you can securely share vital data with selected partners.
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Any delays in receiving goods, for whatever reason, affects your business. You need ghTrack to give you a real-time overview of all incoming and outgoing transports from your distribution centers to your warehouses.
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ghTrack has wide applications in all industrial sectors. If you have high demands for your handling of transport and deliveries, and want to increase transparency and efficiency in the supply chain, ghTrack is the perfect business solution.
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