LogiMAT 2018


Freight visibility and secure data sharing

At LogiMAT we will proudly be presenting ghShare – our new  data sharing portal to improve and simplify secure data sharing between carriers and shippers. ghShare is a module for our data sharing service ghTrack®

Are you a shipper? 

ghTrack® can help you by providing the data needed to get a real-time overview of all your shipments across all your carriers and their subcontractors. You will receive intelligent ETA information and sensor monitoring on your ongoing loads.  ghTrack® gives you the operational and exception management overview.

Are you a solution provider?

Would you like your solution for the transport and logistics industry to become ghTrack® powered? This means that you can build your solution on top of the secure and unified data stream from ghTrack® and expand your business.

Data is the new gold! – Yes, but…..

.. how do we collect, share and get value out of it without compromising data sovereignty? ghTrack® is the answer –  the neutral and GDPR compliant data sharing service with direct integration to any telematics system.

Meet us in hall 8, stand B41 to learn more about freight visibilty and secure data sharing. We are looking forward to get in dialogue with the logstics industry.

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